「126 POLAROIDーさよならからの出会い」 展覧会カタログ

Tsuda Nao in Catalog, Others, Publication 2010.08.07

126 POLAROID ―さよならからの出会い― 展覧会カタログ

2008年、生産中止という一つの終焉を機に多摩美術大学がスタートさせた「さよならポラロイド」展。東京、京都、大阪へとタイトルを変えながら続いて来たこのポラロイドを “偲ぶ会” はフィルムの再生産という知らせと共に、新しい可能性を歓び祝う “出会いの会” として横浜美術館で新たなスタートを切る―「126 POLAROID -さよならからの出会い-」展。




主な出展作家:荒木経惟、杉本博司、港千尋、森山大道、飯沢耕太郎、石川直樹、石塚元太良、石田尚志、大木裕之、大日方欣一、かわなかのぶひろ、倉石信乃、斎木克裕、沢渡朔、新津保建秀、杉戸洋、鈴木志郎康、津田直、萩原朔美、藤代冥砂、元田敬三、森北伸、屋代敏博、若木信吾 他


アートディレクション : 半田淳也
B5変形 182 × 257mm
ISBN:978-4-903545-62-2 C0072



This special volume, published in conjunction with a 2010 exhibition at the Yokohama Museum of Art, was intended to commemorate the end of Polaroid film. In addition to showing Polaroids from a wide range of Japanese photographers, “126 Polaroid” includes four essays (translated into English) reflecting on the format. Some of the most influential photographers in Japan are represented in this book, including Hiroshi Sugimoto, Nobuyoshi Araki and Daido Moriyama. While it eventually came to light that Polaroid film would be produced by a third party, “126 Polaroid” is an important meditation on the way that this technology has affected photography. Marveling at the way that so many different photographers could be brought together “without a hitch,” critic Kotaro Iizawa writes: “I can only conclude that there must be some sort of strange and astounding magnetic field acting upon the movement surrounding Polaroid photography.”


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